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Darcy Town is a Seattle-based author that loves to read and write science fiction and urban fantasy of the dark and queer variety.

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June 21, 2020

Darcy is proud to announce that book 6 in the Wastes series, Wasteland, is now out and available on!

Synopsis: It is the long-awaited homecoming for the majority of our crew. Rake and company have all-new "friends" comprised of a fleet of Hunters under Tasanee's control, and everything's going well…except Darq is on the verge of transforming into something monstrous, and the American Empire wants to capture and execute the lot of them. If they can just get a bit of peace and a chance to rescue Sammy and Nina, then surely things will be smooth-sailing from here on out.

While the others contend with Earth drama, Mica is on a quest with Ipso and Reloy, and the trio has a lot to learn together. Before unraveling ancient mysteries and saving the galaxy, they have to survive their return trip to Mica's favorite place in the universe, Seed Planet Fifteen.

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